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Aboriginal Computer Solutions Ltd. (ACSL) is a full service company supplying sales and maintenance in the computer industry. The Company is 100% Aboriginal Owned and operated. We employ Aboriginal people, whenever possible. By purchasing our products or services you creating employment in the Aboriginal communities. We ship anywhere in Canada for just $25.00 per order (overnight Loomis/Purolator). Small orders are just $15.00.

The Company provides local area networking, PC product sales, service and support. Our goal is to bring our client’s comprehensive, quality technical services that provide value and ease of use. We carefully listen to your needs and implement strategic systems to support your business. Our focus is on building long term relationships, rather that providing short-term solutions.

Service and Support

Your computer systems are far too important to be operated in the dark. When your computer systems go down so does your productivity. Our business is to ensure that you can focus on the task at hand while using the highest level of computer technology. We maximize productivity and minimize down time.

At ACSL, we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to address your concerns promptly, with professionalism and with a thorough understanding of client requirements. With many years of experience, we will become your in-house computer support services.

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