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Email Program Setup

Click the following links to find walk through instructions for setting up the most popular email clients:

Microsoft Outlook 2010/2007/2003 and earlier 
Windows Mail (Vista and Win7) 
Mail for Mac OSX v10.5 or later 
Entourage for Mac 
Mozilla Thunderbird

Windows Mail (formerly Outlook Express)
If you’re looking for an e-mail program that is fully integrated with your OS, look no further. This free e-mail program rivals even the most powerful commercial products.

It’s great for people who want to check their Hotmail accounts with a mail client.

Download at:

Thunderbird gives you a faster, safer, and more productive email experience. We designed Thunderbird to prevent viruses and to stop junk mail so you can get back to reading your mail.


Effective SPAM and Junk Mail filtering
Highly customizable interface
Safe and Secure
Many more features and additions available
Download at:

Eudora is one of the most powerful e-mail clients on the Internet. It holds down the fort against all other clients with its options and ease of use.


Supports multiple e-mail accounts, plug-ins, drag-and-drop and mail filtering.
Supports IMAP
Can be used as Netscape’s default e-mail client
Makes setting up your e-mail account easier with a setup wizard
If you are looking for a cheap and simple e-mail client, this is definitely the way to go. Eudora is an excellent e-mail client, so enjoy the download.
Download at:

IncrediMail is a graphical, feature-rich e-mail program that offers you an unprecedented interactive experience. Personalize your e-mails according to your mood. IncrediMail’s Web Gallery offers a constantly updated collection of e-mail letter backgrounds, animations, sounds and e-cards that are integrated into the message — not included as attachments. IncrediMail even offers a collection of Flash Notifiers that will announce the arrival of new mail and add life to your desktop!

Download at:

Netscape, the latest update to the Netscape browser suite, lets you accomplish more online with efficiency in completing tasks, power through more choice and safety with more control. It also supports Mac OS X and Windows XP.

Netscape includes Netscape Navigator, Netscape Mail, Netscape Instant Messenger, Netscape Composer, and Netscape Address Book. Netscape 7.0 also delivers cutting-edge add-on applications that help you get more from the Internet. Netscape offers Java for running web applets, Nullsoft Winamp for audio playback, RealPlayer8 for streaming media, Macromedia Flash for high impact web content, Net2Phone for FREE PC-to-Phone calls anywhere within the US*, and Print Plus from Hewlett Packard for easy access to printing services and features.

Download at:

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